For those of you who aren't familiar with our case or our story Here is a brief history...   

In 2002 I moved to Everett. We had 2 pit bulls & the local AC Agent harassed our family so bad that I gave my dogs away because I feared for their lives,

In 2009 I also rescued dogs from their shelter but all the dogs were coming out injured, maced or BOTH, once I complained about it, not surprisingly Agent Trask*** complained about me & stopped me from pulling dogs out of there.

So in 2011 I was staying at a woman's house but living in my car with my animals til we found a place & she called AC on me after she was charged with several misdemeanors & gross misdemeanors to get herself out of trouble. . . because of the dog above but after 3 years of trying I finally got the truth out about this woman & she was arrested!

I chose to live in my car for up to 3 weeks because I wasn't about to give them up as most of my animals are seniors, that I had owned for up to 7 or more years.

Sadly after 17 days of living in the car they were taken, 4 days later our house became available but it was too late for them.

It was the same woman who harassed us years before, Agent Trask***, who came out & she took my dogs,  & my cat, & charged me with not having water out 24 hours a day. She also had other motives for harassing me almost a decade before: Evidently she has a "thing" about "Thin Native American Women" as she listed me as that in every single report she ever filed.

***(Please note this particular Pig faced woman/Animal Control Agent has had 3 or 4 last names over the past two decades, Carlon, Lemaire Staib & Trask, so that is why some of you may not have known I was talking about the same person)

The dog at the top of the page here suffered as well under the protection of the City of Everett, & the City of Edmonds Animal Control... to protect their star witness Rose Adams. AKA Rose Marie Adams Beutler.

I stood up for them, I spoke out against these animals: The shelter stopped me from pulling Bully breeds & my animals were taken, but not before they were beaten, urinated on, & possibly sodomized by Officer Lori Trask ~ Lemaire ~ Carlon ~ Staib.

My crime? Not having water out 24hrs a day.

You have to ask yourself WHY the city has spent almost 2 million dollars to prosecute me for a 500.00 misdemeanor citation... When they have had budget shortfalls of up to 13 million the past 4 years alone

Simple: Because they can.

Oh but it gets better or weirder depending on your point of view... The prosecutor actually hid the whereabouts of a convicted child rapist to make sure his girlfriend would testify against me & endangered the public in the process, I finally caught up with him at the Tulalip Reservation & got the Tribal Police to arrest him. Now here is where it gets better, his girlfriend ended up in jail for 33 different charges herself. I was also threatened & almost attcked by Rose Adams & Jennifer Speelmom

Besides the deaths & tortures of ANY dog they City of Everett Shelter perceives to be a Bully breed or mix, there was what they did to my animals. I don't know if anyone reading this knows what it is like to love someone with every cell of your being & have them ripped from their arms & to KNOW they were going to be tortured but my worst fears came true the day I got the vet reports.
Soffia who left my car @ 11;00am, safe, warm, dry, & with all of her beautiful teeth showed up 6 1/2 later, soaked in urine, wet hypothermic, bloody & missing teeth

Hoki arrived having seizures, Misty was terrified beyond belief & Taz managed to get giardia 20 days after they took them from me. They have my 7yr old (now 10) cat listed as a year & a half, my 7 yr old Kelpie is now 3 & a 1/2 years old & Misty is really 7 yrs old as well is also now 3 1/2 yrs old.

My precious George arrived at the shelter 6 1/2 hours later, bleeding from his rectum & unable to walk: Whether he was beaten, sodomized or both I will never know. He was 14 yrs old & a puppy mill survivor, he had an appt to be put to sleep on Friday, March 7th (He was taken March 6th & kept alive on 1/10 of the painkillers
he was supposed to have even though I gave them to them, they "disappeared" till he was slaughtered & mutilated 6 days later)which is why we were living in my car, I couldn't bear to miss one single moment with him because I knew he was going to die from Lymphoma. Just to show you how stupid these people are take a look at his photoshopped dew claw, which was ALSO a picture they used for another dog.

Does ANYONE with more then 2 brain cells believe that IF my poor animals were in THIS shape when they took them from me that I would not have been charged with some kind of felony?

No my animals had well over 7 yrs worth of vet records, they had all the proper medications & were all safe warm & dry.

So what do you do when you can't find anything wrong but you want to teach someone a lesson for telling on YOU for abusing animals? You "invent" a charge. You heard me right, I was charged with failure to provide humane care because I did not have water out 24 hours a day.

Which if it was law could only be considered a 500.00 citation. Drew Neilson (God rest his soul) who was a City of Everett Councilman told me I was never going to win, because the orders were "to shut me down no matter what" They even got the city attorney James Iles to fill out the court documents instead of the Elmer Fudd of a prosecutor Michael "Mike" Fisher.

Please join me for my new Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio, where I will be discussing my case as well as others in the Washington State area. Mine is not the only case in this state, there are many more, unfortunately.

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