So here are the photos

I have written on them so they can't be passed around & lied about anymore. It is important to pay close attention to all of the photos, they play a very important role in any case. It should be noted after over 20 requests we never got the originals of any of the photos or the 150 other photo's they took we only got these yellow & blue tinted photos.

So my animals show up 5 to 6 hours after they were taken from me, unable to walk, bleeding from their rectum, bloody, missing teeth, hypothermic, & in the full throes of seizures. ONLY my personal dogs were abused, & if my animals had been in that condition when they took them I would be in prison right now. They couldn't charge me with cruelty, they couldn't charge me with neglect so I got a citation for not having water out 24hrs a day. A citation, one they made up once they realized they had screwed up. My animals had vet records, medications & were in good shape except for my boy who had Lymphoma...

Living in a car is always a bad idea, but it was for 17 days not 45 as they claimed & to me it is far batter then abandoning them somewhere.
The car...





 My magical kennel & the changing blankets.... This brown & green kennel has the power to collect pink, blue, red & white dirty towels & in some pictures it has dog food & some poop I think. Keep in mind I only had 2 kennels the dogs were in, the red & black one George is pictured in with his clean blue blankie in it & the dirty one I had picked up the night before but no dogs were in that one because I hadn't cleaned it yet.

 Taz... This is the only picture of my cat, he has the magic kennel behind him with yet another towel in it.


 Sophie, is, was & always will be my baby girl. I got her from a DV situation in the city of Everett from the Everett Police Dept. She had already been bred atleast 10 or 11 times by the time I got her, she had numerous hernia's & her uterus was exploded.

Sophie had been to 3 different vets for bladder infections, I was told by the Shelton Vets she had bladder cancer, told by South Seattle Vets, she was just overweight, & told by VCA that she had to thick of a eurethea so she was prone to bladder infections...

I was so grateful that this vet had figured out what the problem with her really was until much to my horror when I ordered her back vet records I realized she was Sophie's vet in a private clinic & the same piece of crap that helped her deliver 10 or 11 litters of puppies!!! Of course she knew what was wrong with her: She helped cause it.

It says upon Sophie's arrival she was hypothermic, bleeding from her mouth & missing teeth. How did she get wet when none of the other dogs were? Her teeth were perfect, why was she bloody & missing teeth?



Hoki was reportedly having seizures after taking 6 hours to get tot he shelter, his ears are back & tail tucked so he was A) In pain B) Terririfed.
Libby is a rescue dog we picked up from a shelter who's entire back was bald & scabby, underneath the scabs we found maggots. She was well on the road to the mend & at no time did I or the vets notice such a horrific dew claw on her back leg... If it is true then I feel awful but so many of these pix are photoshopped that I don't know what to make of it.
The desecration of George... I specifically told these people that it is against my Native American Beliefs to desecrate my dog's body. The city vet is not qualified to to do necropsies for legal cases anyway, but just to add to the humiliation & degradation of his remains she put sticky notes all over his organs. George had Lymphoma which multiple blood tests had confirmed, NOT a tumor on his neck, the picture of the blood is either from him or Sophie as both were reportedly bleeding upon their arrival 6 hours AFTER they were taken from me.



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