This is how cruel the Everett Animal Shelter Manager can be…

This is what makes your shelter manager’s life fun:

Either killing animals or pretending they are dead…
They picked up a disabled woman’s dogs & told her they had killed them after she tried in vain to get the money to “bail” them out. Lo & behold they ended up at another rescue.

Instead of telling her that her time was up & they were going to be transferred they told her her dogs were dead!!!

What kind of a sick twisted, hateful individual does any thing like that to another human being or animal?

Shannon Delgado, Manager
333 Smith Island Rd
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-6000
F: 425-257-6018

When your life is so pathetic that this is the only joy you get then you need to be removed from a position where you can hurt others.

There are so many abandoned, & homeless animals that no one wants, but to take 2 animals that are loved, that have a home, & have an owner who loves them, hold them ransom & then fake their death is beyond all human decency.

They could’ve worked out a payment plan with her, since the Everett City Council has given her SUPREME discretion in this matter


6.04.110 Administration and enforcement by manager.

A.    It is the responsibility of the manager of Everett’s department of animal control and those he/she designates to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

B.    The manager may promulgate such rules and regulations as deemed necessary to implement, administer and enforce provisions of this chapter.

Oh but wait: She wouldn’t be able to do this if she was not allowed to do by the people who keep her in power there. Just take a look at their stupid smiling faces, not one of them cares about you, believe that. Most certainly none of them care about animals, most of this board are the one’s who voted for BSL & sanctioned the murder of thousands of innocent animals

Mayor Ray Stephanson               Message from the Mayor

Councilman Jeff Moore                 

Councilman Paul Roberts             

Councilman Arlan Hatloe                

Councilman Ron Gipson                 

Councilwoman Gigi Burke               

Councilwoman Brenda Stonecipher

Councilman Shannon Affholter        

Why does it make her so angry that animals are loved, that people actually want their animals?

Remember this the same woman who LAUGHED while I cried when I found out they had killed my dog.

This is the same woman who made a dog wait while she went on vacation, only to come back & KILL it anyway, a dog who had been abandoned for months, wasn’t aggressive, who had someone who wanted him, along with 12 other rescues who were begging for him.

The same shelter that killed a dog that a family spent 200 dollars on & wanted to keep, the actual owner signed him over & they IMMEDIATELY killed him then denied it

This woman Shannon Delgado who can’t seem to stay off of this page to see if I written about her, & Lori Trask the animal control worker, who also seems to love to spend all her time on this page as well. I have your IP addresses & you can’t mask them idiots, you should really find something else to do with your nights & weekends & you should ACTUALLY be spending your time working since you are being paid by taxpayers.

Oh & we can’t forget their cohort Rose Adams who just worked with them to get another homeless woman’s dogs taken away & is busy trying to get her kids taken away, the same woman who is facing 6 criminal charges in Edmonds right now because they don’t have their heads up her ass. Those dogs died without anyone to fight for them & I know she enjoyed knowing that. So it seems Ms Adams is a pro at getting animals taken from people by lying…

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105083 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105085 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105084 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0102048 07-05-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal CR0029462 07-05-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal CR0029461 07-05-2012

You can’t hide anything from me, I will find out every single evil hateful thing you band of pathetic excuses for human beings do & I will write about it, I will talk about & I will make it known & once I find the woman you told that her dogs were dead I will tell her too. Does it make you feel better knowing that she cries herself to sleep thinking that now that all she loved is DEAD. Don’t worry you won’t be able to do this forever. I promise this.

On a side note I find this very funny: The shelter has a board who has been in operation for years but they could ONLY manage to post minutes from TWO meetings & OF COURSE one had to be about my case… but if you look at who runs it you will understand why. How pathetic is this?

City of Everett Animal Services Shelter Advisory Board Monthly Meetings April 25, 2012 6:30pm – 8pm

Shelter Board Members

Kathy Eaton Jim Civey, DVM Tyler Rourke Janelle Sgrignolli Barbara Birman

Emmy Schindler Grace Martinez Ian Civey Eddie Jones

Staff Members

Shannon Delgado, Shelter Manager

Deborah Wright, Executive Administrator

Susan Shephard, Minutes

Animal Shelter Advisory Minutes 2 22 2012

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Here is another dog that was murdered by Everett Animal Control that no one cared for…

Here is another soul that the city snuffed out.

This is always the way they have operated, it is how they have treated so many dogs, this is from 2008 & it has only gotten worse.

I can not comment much further, the whole story is laid out below & it just breaks my heart to see another little dog that has been brutalized when I know that this is a daily occurence.

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So this is who runs your shelter: YOU are paying this woman’s wages.

Well I finally got a letter after almost 19 months about the disposition of my animals. Your city shelter manager, the one you entrust with animals, helpless animals, who have no voice to scream, who can not call out for help. Your animal control officer that has the power to take & murder people’s animals, this is what they do to precious living breathing feeling sentient beings

Let me tell you first what they did to my George: First He was taken at 10:30 a.m. from me, & he arrived at the shelter at 4:40 p.m. bleeding from his rectum & unable to walk

Then even though they KNEW he had terminal cancer they barely gave him any pain meds, the dosage was about the same as you taking 1/2 of a baby aspirin for a migraine. He was also listed as sick unhealthy/untreatable w/ severe issues on January, 21st, 2011 10 days after he was slaughtered….

This is how they slaughtered, mutilated & desecrated his body, they had to put sticky notes all over his internal organs, for 18 months this is the only pictures I have had left of my beloved George, a necropsy performed by an unqualified city vet. I don’t know if my court hearing had video but they actually smiled when they looked at these pictures….

For 18 months I have always known & had to live with the fact that George was in the hands of incompetent cruel people, the day I called after I found out he was dead & told them that they needed to save his remains so I could wrap him & bless him to help him get to the next step & release his spirit SHE LAUGHED at me, while I cried this piece of human excrement laughed while I tried to explain how important it was that I could bless him.

Today I got this letter, it is still not telling me what happened to my cat, it was written “supposedly on March,20th, 2012 but I didn’t get it til today June, 22nd, 2012, 3 months later….

Read the last paragraph…

“With reference to “George” who was seized from you on January,6th,2011 his remains have been cremated & disposed of.


Shannon DelGado

So for those of you who ask yourself what I am always squawking about or wondering why I go off on such tangents about these scum of the DNA chain, this is why.

So the issue was with them returning them to me was that he was “evidence” but it is okay for them to throw out “evidence”? No Ms Delgado did this because this is the ONLY power she had, she couldn’t make me shut up, she couldn’t make me go away so she took it out on my precious helpless little dog just like I told ALL of you she would & she did.

At this point ALL BETS ARE OFF, I still don’t know what happened to Soffie when she was brought in LAST August for “lacerations” . As most of you know I wasn’t going to push on for any monetary damages in my Tort Claim, but now, I have NOTHING to do but proceed forward.

This is who the city of Everett has put in charge of helpless creatures. I do not care any more for the citizens of Everett, whatever hardship this brings to your piece of shit city you all brought on yourselves, when you elect people who would rather spend 3/4 of a million dollars to prosecute me for a 1000.00 miisdemeanor, which is more than they put into community & senior services TOTAL, don’t cry about your excise taxes, your property taxes to me. You can’t even help an innocent animal, you LET the Breed SPecific Legislation stand in your city, the blood of hundreds of thousands of dogs & cats are on your hands, May God have mercy on your souls.

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How high can you stack a cow pie? Everett Shelter & Herald are trying to reach the sky…

I hope everyone remembers my HIGHLY emotional out of control story about the abandoned mom & pups in Granite falls from March 26th. There were four rescuers working on getting a protective mom & her pups out from under a trailer. Everett heard about it rushed out & got the mom & left the pups overnight.
One of 2 things happened, someone from the Everett shelter read my story, & A) got worried about the negative publicity, B) one of the animal control officers got worried & made it their personal mission to go get those puppies.
I think it was B, because the story CLEARLY states that it was an AC Officer who pled the mothers case as to why she bit someone. I suspect that it was Officer Harmer, & I suspect that he the only one who fought for them.
My comment is below, but at least now I know that the one way I can save dogs from this POS shelter is through PUBLIC HUMILIATION!
Shine a light on the darkness…So if anyone knows of any animal they are about to murder, let me know so I can post it here. I have the emails going back & forth between the other rescues that were trying to save this family, I am not going to post those emails as I may need them for court.
I wonder why Officer Harmer isn’t the Shelter Manager? He might be a hard ass but at least I know he’d be kind to the animals…
Why does every dog Shannon Delgado is doing a photo shoot with look away from her or look terrified???
Published: Friday, May 4, 2012

Stray dog finds shelter for her litter in Everett

  • Shannon Delgado, the manager at the Everett Animal Shelter, pets Star, a shepherd mix, at the Shelter on Thursday.
    Sarah Weiser/The Herald Shannon Delgado, the manager at the Everett Animal Shelter, pets Star, a shepherd mix, at the Shelter on Thursday.
By Debra Smith, Herald Writer

The call came into 911.Vicious dog, owner unknown.The stray had been hanging around rural property near Granite Falls and sleeping under the house for a few weeks before the March call.The dog was vicious and aggressive, the homeowner told an animal control officer. It bit his adult son. The animal control officer noted the dog was a female shepherd-Labrador mix on an incident report. She wore no collar. There were signs she’d recently given birth. The officer flashed a light under the house but couldn’t find any puppies. He used a catch pole to capture the mama dog and placed her in his truck for the long ride to the Everett Animal Shelter.

This kind of call often doesn’t end well. Aggressive dogs aren’t fit for adoption. Those brought into shelters are often euthanized. This dog story doesn’t end that way.

Shannon Delgado’s biggest worry was for the puppies.

Delgado, the Everett Animal Shelter manager, has worked with animals 14 years. When she first laid eyes on the mama dog in late March, she noted the physical signs of a nursing mother. Young pups aren’t yet ready to fend for themselves. They need their mother’s milk and they need it frequently. That first evening at the shelter, the staff quarantined the mama dog in a kennel. She came in scared, body quivering, tail tucked between her legs.

The next morning, the animal control officer arrived with a welcome find: the puppies. Eyes barely open, the five pups were soft, squiggly and fat as butter. Four shared their mother’s toffee-colored fur. The fifth, a male, sported a chocolate coat that suggests Rotteweiler. When mama dog caught sight of her progeny, her tail thumped wildly. The staff placed the puppies inside the kennel, and mama dog sniffed, licked and inspected all five. Then she flopped down on her side to let the hungry puppies nurse.

The animal control officer watched for awhile to make sure all was well. By then he had questioned the man who was bitten and learned the bite didn’t break the skin. He asked the shelter staff to remove the dog from quarantine. It’s not unusual for nursing mothers to be protective of their babies, especially with strangers.

That’s what Delgado thinks happened in this case. Mama didn’t want anyone near those babies. “She’d probably been on the run awhile,” she said. “When she had a place to bed down, that was her area of protection.” It took several days before the dog learned she could trust the shelter staff. Delgado started by cracking open the kennel door, and throwing a bit of hot dog in. By the end of the second day, the mama dog trusted enough to take a bit of hot dog from her hand. “I knew when I opened that door and she didn’t lunge or growl that she would be fine,” Delgado said. The staff named the puppies Moon, Rain, Wind, Cloud and Sun.They named the mama dog Star, since she gave birth under the sky.

Other stories don’t end well. Working at the shelter can be stressful and sad — sometimes because of the way other people treat animals, and sometimes because animals can’t be saved. “It’s extremely rewarding because this is what we are here for,” Delgado said. “We are here for that extra bit of work to make them adoptable.”

Reporter Debra Smith: 425-339-3197 or

Comments You are logged in as Brandia Taamu.

So this is how to save the dogs???
So if I post a blog on all of the animals that Everett Animal Shelter is going to kill then they all live? This is the momma & the litter that I told everyone about that they went out & trapped the mother & left the puppies out there to freeze to death, but I see public mockery ( and Kenneth Harmer’s Tender Heart) sent them right out, they KNEW there were puppies out there were 4 other rescues INCLUDING MYSELF who knew the momma had pups & that is why she was showing aggression. I have the emails going back & forth.The fact remains until I ridiculed them publicly they left those pups out there overnight. They knew the pups were under the trailer & I was the only one little enough to fit under there to go get them.After they killed Blaze the dog that the Ellis’ wanted to adopt this might’ve have been that “one step too far” After reading this story about stars & moons & lies I guess now I don’t have to ask why there was no story about it in the Herald.You are supposed to be OUR local paper, you are not run by the shelter, by the city, by politicians… Or are you? Now it makes perfect sense why you do plenty of stories slamming Pasado’s but not the shelter, so you allow the abuse of the animals there to continue.

Like: Why didn’t you investigate the fact that Everett’s non-profit has 110K in assets yet they put down 82 cats? Most of which weren’t showing symptoms when they could’ve quarantined them in groups, but instead of letting go of a few dollars they just put them ALL down.

Debra you said you wanted to do a story about their policy on Pit Bulls, American Bulldogs, Mastiffs & anything they perceive to be a terrier mix there but you had to gather more facts… No thank you, judging from this story you’ll make it seem like they have a day at the spa before they are killed.

I wrote about this story on March,26th, I am glad (I don’t care if it was ONLY because they got a black eye about killing Blaze) that these dogs got to live, so now I know how to save dogs again from there. Public Humiliation. I don’t whether to be sad or disgusted, or surprised

May 9, 2012 4:01 am Brandia Taamu

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KUDO’S to KOMO for Finally Telling the TRUTH about Everett Animal Shelter!!!

This is a day I have ONLY dreamed about!!! KOMO 4 has finally broken from the pack & actual done a real true story about the abuse at the Everett Animal Control & Shelter! I never thought I would see the day. Does this mean I can watch KOMO local news instead of the BBC to get the truth in reporting???? WOO HOO!! I have put the shelters lies in bold red & bolded in the people who have shared their horror stories or know what is really going on down there. Please click the link below to find the full story & comments though.

Couple: Shelter put down dog we wanted to adopt

By Tracy Vedder Published: Apr 4, 2012 at 6:21 PM PDT



EVERETT, Wash. — The Ellis family did everything possible to save a dog they believe was severely abused.

But the family just learned the dog they had hoped to adopt was put down.

The Ellis family found the dog, named Blaze, while looking at property in Sultan.

“He was nothing but skin and bones,” said Leigh Ellis.

Randy Ellis says, when I picked him up, I couldn’t believe…how light he was,” said Randy Ellis, crying. “He didn’t weigh anything.”

After just five days in the Ellis home, he was already looking much better. The family took Blaze to a veterinarian whose records indicate the dog was emaciated and suffering from a staph infection that could have stemmed from starvation or poor nutrition.

The case was reported to animal control, and an officer took Blaze to the Everett shelter while animal control investigated suspected cruelty by its owner.

The Ellis family said they made clear to all parties involved, especially those at the animal shelter, that they wanted to adopt Blaze.

“He was this cute little dog,” Randy Ellis said. “Very lovable.”

Then last month, Blaze’s owner gave up all rights to the dog and said the Ellis family should adopt him.

But the shelter put down Blaze the very next day without ever contacting the Ellises.

“Unfortunately, the dog was so ill that they deemed that he couldn’t make a good pet for somebody in their home,” said Everett spokeswoman Steffani Lillie. Lillie added Blaze was suffering from cancer and an open cancerous sore that extended 8 to 10 inches wide.

But there is no mention of cancer or open tumors in the shelter’s own reports otained by KOMO News late Wednesday. Instead the vet noted, “Blaze is bright and alert, stands readily and walks with a quick pace.”

When confronted with this information, Lillie did not budge. However, she also did not provide any additional information.

“It is what has been told to me, and I will stand by that, by my medical staff,” she said.

As for the Ellis family, in spite of repeated calls to animal control, they were never told Blaze’s previous owner had wanted to turn his rights to the dog over to them. They also never heard from the animal control agent, and never received any updates in the case.

And when they finally got a hold of the shelter, it was too late.

“So I called the shelter yesterday, and they tell me that they put the dog down,” Randy Ellis said.

KOMO News has asked the shelter for any proof that shows Blaze had an open cancerous sore, or any other reason that supports their decision to put him down. The shelter has not provided any such information.


HowardBeale's avatar - Go to profile HowardBeale 124p · 3 days ago

As the proud owner (or would that be owned by) a rescue dog – this story DISGUSTS me. Animals catch so few breaks as it is. It sure sounds to be that if Blaze had some massive open wound, the first vet that saw him before he went to shelter would have noted that in the medical records. And just because Blaze had cancer, certainly didn’t mean that the Ellis’ weren’t willing to pay for appropriate treatment – cancer is not a death sentence for a dog.

However, letting animal control in Snohomish County and the Everett Animal Shelter getting involved in the rescue? Why yes – that definitely appears to be the death sentence for a pet.

But, if you’re a supporter of the shelter please do not pull your support – instead demand the true records be released, or the resignation of the director of the Everett animal shelter.

6 replies · active 2 days ago

Plus, being in the Ellis’ home for 5 days I think they would have noticed any open wounds on him. Sounds like a big cover up. He had a family that would have taken him AND his medical costs upon themselves and the Everett Shelter screwed up big time and denied this dog a life and this family a loving member of their family.

Wilhelm's avatar - Go to profile Wilhelm 74p · 2 days ago

I’m the proud owner of a rescued dog. My Lab-Terrier was scheduled to be terminated as well, but we saved him in time. He’s been my buddy for ten years, and hopefully still has a few left in him.
Sounds like some of the shelter staff were into the animal tranquilizers on this one.
Yes, why did they let “animal” control get involved? I would have personally kept the dog and let them know I “found’ him however I would have never turned him over- especially if he looked abused in any way. I am sure these people had the best intentions, however I seriously pray that this case is investigated. What a travesty that they wanted to take on this dog regardless of his condition- how or what organization could be so cruel!!

KatieMcC's avatar - Go to profile KatieMcC 110p · 2 days ago

Isn’t it required that animal control have “possession” of an animal if the owners are being investigated for cruelty or abuse? I thought there was another case not so long ago somewhat similar where a rescue organization was denied fostering rights on a couple dogs needing very serious rehab during an investigation. Personally, if that’s true, I think that law needs to be changed immediately! There is no reason that I can imagine for an animal to not be in a loving home, even if it is “evidence”.
Everett is a high kill shelter. This is not a surprise. Yes it’s a desth sentence for any animal–dog or cat.

RiverDog17's avatar - Go to profile RiverDog17 -97p · 3 days ago

Nice work Everett Shelter! Guess the dog caught “cancer” in 12 hours! Idiots! I feel sorry for the people that wanted to give that healthy dog on the road to recovery a nice loving warm home. Glad I don’t live in Everett and have to use your so called shelter, more like a Nazi Death Camp for animals!

sparky2112's avatar - Go to profile sparky2112 111p · 3 days ago

I seriously doubt the shelter went out of it’s way to kill the dog. There are literally thousands of dogs needing good homes out there – move on.

8 replies · active 2 days ago

Yes, but this specific dog had a family that already bonded with him and opened their home and hearts to him. What reason would they have to put him down? Inept lazy a55e5!
Then why are they lying and covering it up now?

Nosunhere's avatar - Go to profile Nosunhere -146p · 3 days ago

Sparky..don’t be dumb. Nobody thinks the shelter went out of it’s way to kill the dog. What seems apparent is that the shelter made a mistake, and then tried to create a story to cover their mistake. That is what is sickening and why people are upset.

duck08's avatar - Go to profile duck08 73p · 3 days ago

THANK YOU !! why do they have to lie ? just suck it up and admit you made a mistake. its called taking responsibility, more people should try it !!
On the contrary sparky…how about YOU ‘move on’ eh???
Hopefully you do not ‘own’ any little furry critters of your own, with an attitude like that!!!
Really sparky, Lets say that you had a dog and you took it in for a vet for a check up, the vet reported it to animal control and they came and got your dog. WIthout warning they put your dog down, ooops sorry we made a mistake. Now I know your not gonna be all calm and collective about it. Get a clue!!!! All this family wanted to do what help this loveable dog. Dog have feeling as well. To the Ellis family if I was you I would take action so no other animal has to suffer. My thoughts and prayer are you and your love ones…

noreg's avatar - Go to profile noreg 108p · 2 days ago

Good one you troll…. Maybe someone should put you down for stupidity.

shasta21's avatar - Go to profile shasta21 -75p · 3 days ago

Some, but not all, employees who work in animal shelters develop a hard-core/callus exterior from seeing so many sad and pathetic cases stemming from uncaring animal owners. But, there should be some preventative measures to keep something like this from happening. Why were these people’s request to adopt this dog completely ignored by this agency????

Judging from the Everett Shelter’s spokesperson, she certainly seemed to be COVERING FOR HER EMPLOYEES. Under the presenting evidence, this is not not not acceptable. I will be closely watching for all follow-up stories relating to this matter. I only hope they are learning from their mistakes.

2 replies · active 2 days ago

Steffani Lillie is a moron.

She can stand by her medial staffs’ story after they are collectively fired and waiting at the unemployment line.

Nothing will happen to them. Everett is known throughout the rescue world as a high kill shelter and to never bring animals there.

indwangu's avatar - Go to profile indwangu 102p · 3 days ago

Komo’s shock and awe reporting style at work again.

3 replies · active 2 days ago

…Then go ahead and read something else on another news site Mr/Ms “In dwan gu”. You can stop talking now.

indwangu's avatar - Go to profile indwangu 102p · 2 days ago

Oh, but I do read other new sites. But Komo is like a train wreck – you can’t not look. The reporting style is so tabloidish it’s an embarrassment. And the commenters, myself included, are frequently so amusing I can’t contain myself. So, see you tomorrow.
indwangu- hi yes I have experienced the shock and awe of komo and many other news reporters first hand with stories that were very exagerated but unfortunately-they’ve probably got it right with Everett Animal Shelter-sounds like some investigating should be done but I have got to say that the more I hear about shelters the more saddened I become. Animals are NOT safe in animal shelters-most of these shelters are just death camps-and the responsibility begins with PEOPLE who do not take care of their pets or act as if the animal is disposable! sad story-sad that the people didn’t get to adopt the dog-and that the dog was put down :-(
This is no way to treat mans best friend. I am sorry Blaze for being so let down by your original owner and then the shelter. You deserved better.
Nothing ceases to amaze me. Poor dog.

Mooshie123's avatar - Go to profile Mooshie123 102p · 3 days ago

The poor dog! Finally had a family who cared and the shelter failed him! The reports don’t back the shelter’s story! Blaze was let down twice! So sorry to the Ellis family and RIP Blaze!

“When confronted with this information, Lillie did not budge. However, she also did not provide any additional information.

“It is what has been told to me, and I will stand by that, by my medical staff,” she said.”

Steffani Lillie is the epitome of what is wrong with our government.

“As a public servant even when faced with a hard copy of the truth, i will look you in the eye and tell you a bold faced lie.

1 reply · active 2 days ago

Steffani Lillie is a moron.

She can stand by her medial staffs’ story after they are collectively fired and waiting at the unemployment line.


elaine2fox's avatar - Go to profile elaine2fox 101p · 3 days ago

Well, I guess we know who Blaze will be waiting for at Rainbow Bridge!! RIP sweetie – so many humans failed you.

3 replies · active 9 hours ago


duck08's avatar - Go to profile duck08 73p · 3 days ago

yes, at least he has the rainbow bridge to look forward to! I have a soul mate waiting there for me ! he can play with him. R.I.P
Me too – I just lost my old (nearly 13) sweetheart in Mid March. I’m still crying every day. I took very good care of her but I couldn’t snatch her away from death try as I might. At least she’s okay now. :)

duck08's avatar - Go to profile duck08 73p · 9 hours ago

yep your baby is with my baby and they can play together until we can join them ! my heart goes out to you ! i’m sure you did all you could ! you will be together again ! I know in my heart and i can feel it, when its our time to go we will close our eyes and open them to a rainbow bridge with our babies waiting on the other side wiggling their whole body’s soooo happy to see us again! try to let happy memories of her help you through this very hard time! my thoughts are with you !!!
Sounds like the Everett Shelter is dishing out lame excuses. According to the their own report on the first exam, there were no indications of Cancer or tumors. Blaze could have had a happy life with the Ellis’s. Saddley some workers felt he needed to be euthenized rather than given that opportunity for a happy home/life, filled with love.
Another sad story of Man first -Animal Second. Poor guy !
I just read this on craigslist yesterday..this family was asking for help with an investigation. Its sad but I’m glad its on the news for everyone to be able to read this. I hope something get done.

RayBigs's avatar - Go to profile RayBigs 13p · 3 days ago

…basically the same thing happened to us under the previous management at the Everett Shelter. They were not going to release the pup that was about to be put down & I wanted to adopt. They told me I could not adopt because the pup was going to be put down. What kind of stupid logic is that! I refused to leave the Shelter without the pup. I even called the Mayor (who actually is in charge of the Shelter) & they released our Archie to us, It sounds like the Mayor of Everett should make changes in the Director again!!

6 replies · active 2 days ago


mtnhiker's avatar - Go to profile mtnhiker 109p · 3 days ago

The family just learned a valuable lesson – the bigger government gets – the more and more things you have to keep from the authorities (local, state and National) – evidenlty trying to help an animal is one of those things.
That’s crap! Blaze’s new owners should have been contacted with his medical problems and been given a choice as to whether they wanted to pay to keep him alive and healthy, which they didn’t get to do.
Theres two sides to every situation, it’s unfortunate Vedder isn’t reporting the other side.

4 replies · active 2 days ago

According to Dr. Phil; no matter how flat you make a pancake, it still has 2 sides. Do you know the other side of the story?

Shoulds like we got ourselfs a shelter troll here.

Its obvious they F’d up. They need to pull their big boy/girl pants up and admit it instead of cowardly hiding behind lies.


noreg's avatar - Go to profile noreg 108p · 2 days ago

Can you not read? The shelter itself stated the dog was fine, and is now putting out lies to cover up what they did… Maybe you need a lesson in comprehension.
Well since you seem to know the other side of the story, get on with it and tell us all about it.
Blaze needed to be sheltered from the animal shelter.

Hagar's avatar - Go to profile Hagar 107p · 2 days ago

Everett Animal Shelter. ’nuff said!

armor's avatar - Go to profile armor 101p · 2 days ago


R.I.P you poor little guy


DinkorSink's avatar - Go to profile DinkorSink -42p · 2 days ago

So let me get this straight. The Ellis family finds the dog that is in serious need of medical attention? They obviously don’t want to pay the medical expense for the dog’s treatment? So they take it to the shelter where other peoples funds can be used to treat the animal? They tell everyone that they want the dog, but don’t want to pay for it’s treatment?

The doctors then examine the dog and see that the expense to help the dog far exceeds their finacial ability, and that amount of funds may save three other dogs. They make the decision to put the dog down and save it from it’s pain.

The next day the Ellis Family shows up, assuming that the expense to treat the dog has been completed? Now they want to step up and adopt the dog?

Really……Come On…you found the dog, you wanted the dog, then pay for the treatment of the dog………..don’t depend on others to save the dog so you can adopt. Take responsibility.

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I don’t think you read the entire article. It says that the family took him to a vet for treatment and the vet contacted the shelter to investigate possible animal abuse by the previous owner. I don’t see anything about the family contacting the shelter to get out of paying for treatment. I don’t see anything that says “they obviously don’t want to pay the medical expense for the dog’s treatment” or “They tell everyone that they want the dog, but don’t want to pay for it’s treatment” in the article. Perhaps you jumped to conclusions???

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Yes I did….this is a one sided story from the Ellis family, so yes you have to read between the lines of their story. I spend way to much time in the court rooms listening to these types of stories. You then have to see the story for what it is, so that you know where to go look for the truth.

At any point through the Ellis story, they could have opened their checkbook and had the dog treated and it would have been theirs. The story doesn’t say anything about the dog being chipped to provide a legal owner. The dog went from a Vet to a shelter, the only reason for this is there was no financial resources available at the vet to cover the cost of care. It was then sent to the shelter, and again the Ellis family could have opened their checkbook and became the foster parents. Decission is made by shelter to what should happen to the dog, and the Ellis family feels they weren’t told. Yes they weren’t told because they didn’t want finaical responsibility of the dog, so their names were never attached to the dog.

I’ve been the victim of one sided shock stories by Komo before so I try to be careful so tell me do you know what you say is fact or are you basing your opinion on stuff you have heard in other cases? And if you know it is true, how? I don’t want your name or to out you in anyway but seriously, is this your opinion or do you know for sure?
At this point, I’m strongly considering donating my time and expenses to represent the shelter.
The story that KOMO printed is BS, It’s one sided and was done with malice and to cause controversy and harm to the shelters. This has certainly presented shelters as dog killers, and turned the public against them and caused them financial harm in their ability to generate donations for the survival of all animals that do survive the system.
KOMO should take the fall for printing this one sided story playing on people’s emotions and attachment to animals. They completely failed at reporting an informative story that is responsible.
The worst part is the truth to this story will never be published by KOMO, as it will only make them look worse in the portion they did send to print.
The Ellis family is also at fault, as they didn’t make comment to the fact that they weren’t willing to open their checkbook to help the dog. They only wanted to tell the side that benefited their cause.
This is just sad that people lash out at the shelters with only one side. It is sad that KOMO only published the emotional attachment side of the story to sale papers and generate hits on their site.

They did open their checkbook. I found this blog on line with more details to the story written by Mr. Ellis. Scroll half way down the page to find Mr. Ellis’ comment. I believe Mr. Ellis is not the person ranting (I presume that is the blog creator). His comment starts below “Dog Murdered….”…

Further, it appears that Mr. Ellis followed shelter adoption procedure in his attempts to adopt Blaze.

$250 that was spent on the check up and chip, is certainly a long ways from the $2,000 cost of treating the dog for the Staph Infection as noted in the aritcle, but not noted in Mr Ellis blog.

Again I look forward to seeing the other side of the story, as Mr Ellis blog and the story published by KOMO have some conflicting information and time lines.

Mr Ellis does state that he spent $250, but he has yet told the full story of what the Vet told him.

If KOMO did not accurately portray the facts or present a proper time line that certainly is not Mr. Ellis’ fault. The article is written poorly in that some paragraphs have led readers to believe the vet called Animal Control. That is not the case. Mr. Ellis called to report animal abuse once the chip determined who the dogs owner was. The dog was then removed and brought to the shelter by the Snohomish Sheriff’s Office even though Mr. Ellis wanted to remain in possession of the dog and continue treating it at his expense. He was told by the responding officer that by law the dog needed to go to the shelter as its owner had been located and the alleged abuse was to be investigated. Further, it seems that the dog was on medication that Mr. Ellis bought and that the Animal Shelter was using said medication. The cost of the medication would be roughly in the $30 range give or take the size of the dog and the medication used. How you came up with $2000 is beyond me. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that the $250+ covered the vet well check, the medication and whatever else the vet the Ellis’ took Blaze to covered the emergency medical treatment.

Regardless, your comments are laden with speculation, perhaps even defamation of the Ellis’. I do not know them, I have not seen the police report that he filed. You insinuate in your comments that you are an attorney. I find that interesting as I would not be posting comments with outright speculation, particularly since it took me less than one minute to find the entirety of what Mr. Ellis wrote.

Everett is well known for euthanizing dogs. They don’t accept any bully breed regardless of age or temperment, they imediately put down all bully breeds.

Perhaps Mr Ellis wanted to catch the person who did this cruel act which is why it was reported. If Blaze was found in an empty home, the owner is at fault and can be charged.

Also, Everett will NOT perform expensive vet treatment on any dog. So the bill you are referring to doesn’t exist.

The blog up above is mine, this is the second dog they killed this week that had a home or rescue available, the Ellis family spent money on the dogs vet treatment, they filed a police report & the responding officer TOOK the dog & said it HAD to be held at the shelter. Let me tell you about the first dog they murdered, last week: She was an abandoned pregnant dog who was being protective of a trailer she dug under, EAS picked her up & left her 2 two week old pups out there to die, but they didn’t get off their butts until they found out a rescuer was on their way out there to get her & save the puppies. If you look at my blog you will see MANY instances of this & NO ONE does anything about it, I used to rescue pit bulls from there & started complaining because they were all coming out injured & maced or both, some of them even had broken bones, for that they took my animals, & slaughtered one of them. I’ve never even heard of this Lillie person, the manager who decides to kill them is Shannon Delgado, she now kills ALL bully breeds including mastiffs, staffies, & anything she perceives to be a bully mix. This has been going on for over 6 yrs, I have been fighting them alone. This is only 1 story out of HUNDREDS I know about personally. Thank God that KOMO had the nerve to finally report it. Cancer is always their reason, The Ellis offered to pay for any & all medical treatment the dog might need, they made it crystal clear after the investigation that they would take the dog no matter what the condition…
DinkorSink – I think you stink.
Don’t read what is not there, you conjure $hit up that is not found in the article. It almost sounds like you work for the shelter.

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Actually they find the dog being neglected on another person’s property while they were out in the community looking at properties. They remove the dog from the property and immediately take it to a vet. Since they are not the owner they take it to animal control so that the owner can be contacted and prosecuted. If they had not turned the dog over with the proof in the dog’s condition that it was being criminally neglected and simply kept the dog, they would have been committing a crime. They told the shelter that they wanted the dog if and when it was available for adoption since many animals are placed for adoption if their owners are convicted with animal abuse. The original owner agrees to give up the dog. At that point, the shelter should have called them and said come get the dog, he’s available for adoption, instead they killed him.
Reading Comprehension, get some cause you sorely lack it nubcake.

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You may have just posted the most ridiculous comment I have seen in a long time. I feel sorry for you… Your lack of comprehension surely means you are on the lower scale of intelligence.

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I look forward to hearing the rest of the story on this situation, as there is no legal obligation by the shelter to the Ellis family.

It is sad this happened, but due to the lack of finanical resources to the Shelters and the lack of those willing to volunteer or contribute these are the decissions that shelters have to make.


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Maybe I spend to much time in the court rooms and can look through stories for the truth. This is one side of the story that is presented by the Ellis Family, with the added emotional side.

The fact is, they took it to a veterinarian and the dog was not treated by the veterinarian. Which clearly shows the Ellis family didn’t want to take financial responsibility. The dog was then transfered to the shelter, and I’m sure the Ellis family stated they would adopt it once it was healthy. Obviouly once again they didn’t take financial responsibility, therefore their names are not assinged to the dog. It is then the responsibiity of the shelter to make the decission on what to do with the dog from an investment into it’s medical condition and the ability to find it a home.

The Ellis’s name is NOT assigned to the dog as they are not the owner or are they taking finanical responsibility.


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Your honor I object. DS argument calls for speculation. Bailiff, smack him upside the head.
Your honor, I would like to have this juror removed as he has only heard one side of the story and has already passed judgement.

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I can’t be removed, I’m too cute and the judge finds me humorous.

You state that the veterinarian did not treat the dog, which therefore (somehow) proves they refused to take financial responsibility for the dog. Pure speculation on your part, and speculation is not proof nor it is fact. It could just as easily have been that the vet did not treat the dog other than the $250 that the Eliis’ paid because there was nothing to treat.

Everett has a long history of putting down animals that people are trying to adopt, and then after the fact saying”we made a mistake”. Yes, we need the WHOLE story – including vet & shelter records.

Seems pretty odd that 4 days after they initially examined Blaze and found “…Blaze is bright and alert, stands readily and walks with a quick pace…” that he suddenly developed cancer. Either the shelter is lying in an attemp to cover their negligence, their vet is an incompetent idiot – or both.

It’sa sad that the only one who will likely ever have to pay the price for the Everett shelter’s misdeeds is Blaze.


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Wow… I am speechless. This is such a sad story.
Someone should investigate the shelter to see what is happening to other animals there . The vet did not see any cancer and the Ellis family should have had an opportunity to make the decision on Blaze’s life .

Steffani Lillie is a moron.

She can stand by her medial staffs’ story after they are collectively fired and waiting at the unemployment line.

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copy and paste much?

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Next time, just keep the dog if the owner will let you. Avoid officials. Take the dog to your vet. Pay for the work. You’ll be happier, the dog will be happier (and live), and the officials will just continue drawing their salaries “processing animals”.
And these BRIGHT people of Snohomish county are who our hard-earned taxpayer money being paid to. WOW! Seriously?!!! Bungle and cover up is their modus operandi because they are so effing lazy to even check. They prefer to keep sitting on their big fat asses and get paid doing effing nothing. People, be very wary where and who you give your support to. If you want to give support, give it to the rescues. Never trust anything/anybody taking your tax money. If they can do it to an innocent dog, they can definitely do it to you. Oh, wait! They are already doing it to us. We’re getting screwed by them every time they get their paychecks.
Breaks my heart. What a heartless, robotic, thoughtless thing to do…shame on the shelter!!!
Those jerks put down my sisters dog “accidentally” the day after they took him from my yard, when I was babysitting him, because my neighbor call him in for barking on the leash for one lousy day. It was a Friday and I had to work and the dog could not stay in the house and he would of been gone Monday… I wanted to sue, but everybody said I couldn’t.

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didn’t know animal control/shelters could come on your property and remove a (barking) dog w/out proper notice first ? i had barking neighbor dogs a few years back and i had to document in writing times of day and duration for 5 weeks before they even got a citation ! you said the dog was taken during the first day and euthanized before you could get there the next day? even the animal cops TV programs have to leave notices for several days unless there is obvious injury/abuse. your story is interesting .

I read this and have to wonder why the Ellis family missed this “8-10 inch sore”, if it even existed. Having had dogs for over 60 years, and having had enough of them get sores – and even cancer – I have always noticed even the smallest wound or area with an unnatural growth…

Plus, it takes more than a cursory glance to diagnose cancer…usually xrays and biopsies are needed.

The Everett shelter makes me sick. The Mr Ellis was kind of enought to see if the owner wanted his dog and than the owner gave the dog to Mr and Mrs Ellis, mean while the Vets report said the dog was doing better, and for that they killed the dog? What is wrong with these people.” CYA” is what they are doing now, they need to be punished just like anyone who kiils a dog that has no issues. They need new management or be shut down. Mr and Mrs Ellis we are so sorry for your loss. Renenber this, “God don’t sleep”!!!! Your in our prayers.
This is a sad story, I know cancer is not a death sentence for a dog through my life I have had a few dogs that have had cancer and they got operations and were ok. They should have contacted the family who was trying to adopt him and let them know if he needed treatment or something atleast do what they can to not put him down.

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Once upon a time I thought animal shelters did good. But, now I really don’t know, I just don’t know. Poor, poor Blaze. What a stupid mess Everett animal shelter has made for itself. I hope the appropriate people are punished. It would kill me to have that happen to my beloved dog.
I hope there is an investigation on this. To everyone out please support the Ellis family and keep pressure on the Everett animal shelter to come out with the truth. I only support the non kill animal shelter. At least the animals there has a chance.
What constitutes rights to a dog? Turning over rights? Do you have to have papers? Lots of dogs are bought or given to people without any documentation.


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no need to shout ! (which is what all CAPS means. )

Everett is infamous for killing animals. Tell us all, what does Everett do when a pit bull puppy is brought in?

Kitsap, Skagit and Seattle Humane are real shelters. Everett is on par with MAS.

BTW…….wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to decide if an animal had to be put down.? …………….Rescues get there pets from the shelters, …….they pick and choose which pets they want, but what if they don’t get chosen?…. What if you don’t get picked at a shelter???????????????????/

Well I’ll tell you what happens……….the shelter hunts for a rescue, and hunts. They keep ;the fellow (pet) until they find a match or a rescue, sometime it takes some time.

Then the rescue gets to say, ” We are a no kill shelter.” ………..and I say awwww yes after you pick and choose what pets you would like to have.”

What Happens to the fellows you don’t pick???

Well we keep looking for a shelter, even if its a pit bull shelter out of the county, or state.


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My daughter also volunteers there or at least she did till she got a job. My kids both live in Everett and had an “escape artist” dog, We found ES to be very helpful and kind. She told me all kinds of good things about the place for the limited funding they have….I don’t know if it’s that it or the comments from dinko above that make me think there might be a little more to the story…wonder if it will ever come out? (BTW my son made the yard escape proof right away, she only caught him off gaurd once when they first moved in)
My daughter also volunteers there or at least she did till she got a job. My kids both live in Everett and had an “escape artist” dog, We found ES to be very helpful and kind. She told me all kinds of good things about the place for the limited funding they have….I don’t know if it’s that it or the comments from dinko above that make me think there might be a little more to the story…wonder if it will ever come out? (BTW my son made the yard escape proof right away, she only caught him off gaurd once when they first moved in)
Ruescues pick and choose? Come back to the real world from La La Land. Have you read Winograd’s No Kill Revolution? Do you know how No Kill really works? Where is the Everett Facebook page? Does it list the animals up for adoption like Kitsap Humane does? Does the facebook page announce which animals are up for adoption? Why is Everett on and not which is more widely known? Do you really think potential adopters know what pet tango is? No but they all know How is Everett marketing the animals there? Ever wonder why there’s so many empty kennels? Because Everett kills so many dogs it’s pathetic. Everett is a house of horrors. Any pit bull or bully breed brought in is killed quickly. No attempt to adopt them, no temperment test, nothing. Just murdered. It’s called racism.…!/lsbc…
This is heart breaking, but exactly why I support animal rescue groups like Saving Great Animals ( ) and Puget Sound Rescue ( ). The volunteers at these rescue groups will do everything to help an animal and prevent it’s unnecessary killing. Hopefully a full investigation will help reveal the break-down that caused this tragic event and changes will prevent it from happening again in the future.

The sad thing is, that even if there was cancer the Ellis family should have been given the option to see the dog through the remainder of its life. Some of us have rescued for the very short end of an animal’s life and do this knowing they are on borrowed time.

The shelter screwed up and deprived this dog the chance of a loving ending after having to suffer on its own.

Couldn’t agree more than with “newfpapa.” The less you deal with “officials” of the system, the better off you are. Much less drama and obvious red tape. Life’s too short. With many of these institutions, stupid runs across the board. Find a way to distance yourselves from the idiots, you’ll be better served.
Wheres PETA when you need them?(sarcasm)

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Unfortunately this is not a unique situation with Everett Animal Shelter. In the late 70′s my dog was impounded at the shelter. I went down to the shelter, saw my dog, she was a healthy St. Bernard, and verified she was my dog and gave my contact information. They told me she had been in the shelter 5 days and would be put up for adoption the next day. I was told it would cost me $50 to have her released to me. I didn’t get the money till after the shelter closed on the day I went to see my dog so I started calling first thing in the morning to tell the shelter I would be down soon with the money. I was put through to a supervisor who informed that my dog had been put down due to poor health!!!! I told her I seen my dog the day before and she was in perfect condition~ this lady held to her story too.

So senseless, to euthanize a healthy dog, (probably due to the fact she needed her own kennel because she was so large) and knowing the owner had claimed the dog and was returning that day to take her out of the shelter. The saddest part was as I was leaving her that day she let out a mournful howl that brought shivers down my spine….I believe she knew this was the last time we would see each other. It’s amazing to hear that they are still allowed to randomly put dogs down, and then bemoan the fact that so many animals are euthanized each year as “unwanted animals”.

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Sorry for your loss.
Do animal shelters still supply veterenary medical schools with animals to use? I know they used to. Just wondering if they still do….
This is another tragic debacle of human ignorance and indifference, resulting in the death of a lovely companion animal. I call for the immediate termination of Steffani Lillie who provided a false report to the media and anyone else who has sought the truth surrounding the deliberate, unjustified killing of Blaze. Tax payers and those who support the shelter must voice their opinions and get rid of the callous, pathetic people responsible for this poor dog’s untimely death.
Such a sad story for everyone involved. I read it was,” a month later…” How long was poor Blaze at the shelter? It’s disgusting that Steffani Lillie got caught in a lie, as far as we know at this minute, and would take the shelters side over just admitting to making a mistake. I’m not really sure why they took Blaze to the shelter in the first place if a vet of their choosing had already treated the dog. I hope we see a follow up story to answer some of these questions. In the long run, I hope the couple can see beyond this one dog and adopt another animal who needs a good home.

The sad thing is you do not get this high level of compassion for children that are murdered in the womb (aborted) because like this little dog the owner did not want them. But who knows maybe the children if given the chance to live could possibly be the next president of the USA or develop some lifesaving medicine or… What about the horrible procedures that places like Planned Parenthood use in late term abortions (do some research before yo give me TD’s – it’s gruesome!)

Dogs or people – seems clear here who is the favored species…

How many of you dog crazies cared about this child??!!…

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Why not stay on topic?

And for your information, foreign adoptions are being placed on “hold” becase of many factors both here & abroad – so adopting this baby would probably not be a bealistic option at this point in time.

My best fried & her husband went through trying to get a foreign adoption – even took out a second mortgage on their housde to pay for it. They went through a months long sreening process, had the home visit, everything – only to be told that because noth of them work full time, they are not considered “suitable” parents. Apparently, only those who have enough money to not have to work for a living were considered to be “good” parents.

That’s so sad! Even if his time was short, he could have a little love and kindness before leaving the world. :( RIP Blaze.

This is not a surprise. Everett is known for euthanizing for space. Even though the brand new kennel built with taxpayer money is half empty.

I volunteer in the rescue world and Everett does not make attempt to find new homes for their animals. Search on Facebook for shelters. See how many have pages that are used daily to market their animals. How do you sell a product? You market it. Why are pets any different? Let the public know what types of animals you have. Kitsap is always posting about their animals, having events at the shelter, etc and boasting high adoption rates.

If you find an animal that you do not want to keep, please contact a local rescue or a no kill shelter. There are many, not just PAWS, NOAH, etc. There are plenty of people that will help you find a foster home and adopt the dog out. If you find a dog that isn’t well cared for, and you want to keep it, just keep it. I found a beautiful husky on the rez years ago, starving, filthy. She obviously left where she was. I’ve had her since and no she does not escape my yard. Be the miracle.

Sad. It sounds like it would have been a good home for Blaze.
Blaze was on his way to finally having a loving and caring home, after so many years of neglect. What could have been a wonderful story about human compassion for animal suffering has become a reality of human monsters – the EVERETT ANIMAL SHELTER employees – whose apathy and indifference has ended the life of a dog who finally had the promise of a wonderful life with caring guardians, Randy and Leigh Ellis, waiting for him. It is beyond sad. It is a disgusting depiction of the careless and selfish humans working at the Everett shelter. RIP Blaze, and may all responsible at the EVERETT ANIMAL SHELTER suffer many a sleepless night over this horrendous crime against an innocent animal.

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I took a stray dog to the Everett shelter last summer, the dog was in good shape but you could tell he had been wandering for a while, and i found him wandering on the highway, the lady at the desk told me i would be better off trying to locate the dogs owner myself (no collar no tags, they didnt even want to check it for a microchip) and also stated that they were too overwhelmed, understaffed and underfunded and that since they had no room for the dog if i left it with them it would be put down before the days end, i have heard horrible horrible things about this shelter, stay away from it! also had a friend who went on vacation, the person watching their pittbull left the back door open one day, dog went wandering, didnt cause a problem, but ended up getting picked up by animal control, the dog was adopted from that very same shelter, had a microchip, but because they couldnt contact the owners after 3 days the dog was put down because “our policy states that all dangerous breeds get 3 days to locate the owner then they are put down if one cant be found”! they had this dogs owners info, knew they were out of town, but still put the dog down!

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That’s why when I found a dog wandering I kept it in my garage until I found a foster home. It was Aug and I had a feeeling its owners were on vacation. I went to Everett (my first time there) and was told they would adopt it out after 72 hours. I said it’s summer and she is a purebred Aussie she is someone’s dog (she had a collar but no one was calling me back). I did not feel comfortable leaving her there, took her home and started looking for someone to foster her. I have 4 dogs I can’t foster. After I drove from Stanwood to Tukwila and back the next day the owner finally called. The number on the tag was a landline. I drove back to Tukwila to pick her up and brought her to her neighbor’s house. If you ever find an animal do not take it to Everett. Try Skagit Humane or start asking rescues to help.

So sad about your friend’s dog.


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Seems to me like if they had any proof they would be more than willing to release it in this situation. The people who found the dog apparently were willing to spend whatever it took to help the dog but because of the cruelty investigation
the dog was removed from their care. This dog apparently didn’t need to die and by the sound of things there should be a serious investigation of this shelter. I realize they can get hardened by seeing so much neglect and abuse but
if they can’t do the right thing by these animals then perhaps they shouldn’t be working at a shelter anymore.
I think the shelter workers have cancer,lets all go put them down,they’re
a waste of space.
Was it really the last dog on earth ? There are billions of other dogs available and another million being born right now. Get another dog.

The medical information I’m going to provide to you was also provided to the media yesterday prior to the airing of this story.

Blaze came into the Everett Animal Shelter on March 1st. His condition at the time he arrived was dire; he was emaciated, dehydrated, unable to walk, extensive skin infections, staph infection throughout his body, incontinent and had a large open, infected, cancerous tumor encompassing his rectal/anus cavity.

During the time Blaze was under our care he became re-hydrated, fed regularly, medicated regularly and monitored by the staff caring for him. It is a natural transformation of any animal in his condition to become more alert and responsive as his body receives nourishment and liquids, however this doesn’t negate the fact that he had extensive medical problems, up to and including cancer, as listed in the medical records provided to the media by the animal shelter. Blaze was suffering from many different medical complications, to list some of the most serious, Cushing’s disease, bladder-renal infection, staph infections, starvation and neoplasia (cancer).



The Everett Animal Shelter carefully evaluated Blaze’s condition at the time he was released to the shelter and took into consideration the following diagnostic facts as provided by the shelter veterinarian; emaciated, alopecia, erthema, hyperpigmentation, lameness, inflammation/infection, lichenification, arthritis, dermatitis, otitis externa, pyoderma, sebborhea and most importantly Cushing’s Disease, bladder-renal infection, starvation and neoplasia (cancer).



It would be inhumane, unethical and cruel for the Everett Animal Shelter to place a dog in such medical duress up for adoption. To knowingly put this dog into a home with chronic infection, incontinence, Cushing’s disease and most importantly cancer accompanied with an open, infected and oozing tumor that had overtaken his entire rectal cavity is bottom line cruelty. To address Blaze’s pain and suffering by humanely putting him to rest was the best most humane and peaceful act anyone could have done for him. To aid in the prolonging of his suffering is inexcusable.

We certainly empathize with the Ellis family in their desire to provide a forever home for Blaze, had he not been in pain and suffering from the effects of cancer and open tumors we undoubtedly would have made him available for adoption.

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Why didn’t the vet the Ellis family took Blaze to report all of this? Any time I take my 4 dogs to the vet a thermometer goes into their rectum. Surely the first vet had done this and would have seen the “most importantly cancer accompanied with an open, infected and oozing tumor that had overtaken his entire rectal cavity is bottom line cruelty.”

I call BS!! Once again EAS looks like Memphis AS which it a house of horrors. I cannot believe my tax dollars are suporting you! It’s time we in Snohomish county stand up and protest!

This comment has been deleted by the user.
My apologies, the article by Animal_Services was posted by myself, Shannon Delgado, Manager.

Sorry, my comment was deleted by accident when I was refreshing the page. I will cut and paste so others can see what I said. Thank you for responding and identifying yourself.

“If KOMO did not accurately portray the facts then the Everett Animal Shelter should hold a press conference and release the facts to the media, not just KOMO. Clearly this story has many quite upset. Posting anonymously on a forum will not change that. If you are indeed with the EAS then you should have said who you are by name!

All my animals (two rabbits and two cats) were rescues and our vet thought on many occasion they were on their last four legs so to speak. We have an exceptional vet and he has been stunned at how our animals bounced back. We only ever had to put one down and that is after we rescued her freezing, flea infested dog bitten and 3 lb little self from the snow; she had been with us for 8 years before she became very ill with a kidney condition that was terminal and could no longer be treated. They all have been very ill at one time or another, but not one suffered. We happily paid thousands between all of them and they went on to live happy long lives that exceeded their typical respective life spans. My rescued black Siamese just turned 17 and she is currently being given insulin shots daily. We could have put her down and not have been bothered with caring for her, but chose to fight for her as long as she fights for herself and is happy. Can you prove Blaze was suffering or did someone make a unilateral decision when the Ellis’ would have happily cared for him?”

This is ridiculous! This individual, Steffani Lillie, should be fired. Why is animal control nor the police investigating this as a case of animal abuse!?! how many other animals have been put down?
Unfortunately-this isn’t a big suprise to me. Years back my boyfriend had a very sad experience with them-his dog scared someone-and ended up at the shelter basically in doggy jail. The dog was not dangerous at all. He was a playful boxer who scared a disabled woman when he charged her. How it was handled was absolute bs. Someone came in to Everett Shelter and was basically cornering the dog and poking at the dog with some object like a broom or maybe they have something they use and the dog was growling. They labeled him dangerous and killed him on Christmas Eve while the family was trying to get the money to get him out. He never bit anyone-he just scared a woman but this is how it was handled-the story was in the newspaper of the dog wearing a birthday hat and the children laying all over the dog-and the headline was something like does this dog look like a dangerous dog.
But this was a long time ago-at least 20-and I thought maybe they are better now-I guess not. Hope they can come up with proof the dog was that ill-sounds like someone got lazy and just didnt do their job or did the minimum. Regardless-the dog again is the one to suffer. I live in Everett and had considered volunteering there but something about that place makes me wonder….

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Volunteer at a rescue instead.
Unfortunate that this “spokesperson, Steffani,” came from some backwoods shelter from Virginia, Arkansa, Alabama, etc. You need to get someone from a civilized area with an ounce of compassion. Steffani? What a joke of a human species. Dogs and cats have more class than this “thing.” This kind of stuff really ****es me off, as it does many others. Will it end? Not until they involve more educated people with compassion. These guys have the wrong job description for the role that they play.
Sorry for any questions left hanging in this story, we were trying to encapsulate as much information as possible into a reasonable amount of time for the story.
So to clarify: The Ellises DID take Blaze to their vet initially and paid more than $200 to have him examined and treated. At the vet’s they discovered Blaze had a microchip – and that the dog’s owner was also the owner of the property where they found him. The Ellises then called animal control because there had been another dog barking inside that house and they were concerned for his welfare.
When animal control investigated, the agent insisted that she had to take Blaze, which would be standard protocol in any cruelty or neglect investigation. That’s how he got to the shelter.
When the Ellises went the next day to visit, they tell me that they were told they could not see Blaze, he was being kept in a separate area. But they were on record as wanting to adopt him and it’s written in Blaze’s shelter paperwork. Hope that clears up any misconceptions about what happened.
One other note, the timeline: 2/24 the Ellises find Blaze and bring him home. 2/25 they take him to their vet. 3/1, Animal Control takes Blaze to Everett shelter and shelter vet 1st examines him.and walks with a quick pace, 3/6 Shelter vet says Blaze is bright and alert 3/8 AC tells owner that Blaze can be picked up from the shelter. 3/15 Blaze’s owner tells AC he wants to sign the dog over to the Ellises. 3/19 AC releases Blaze to the shelter. 3/20 Everett Shelter notifies AC it has euthanized Blaze.

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Thanks Tracy. I hope you investigate more into what goes on at Everett. It is supported by our tax dollars and the public has a right to know why dogs/cats are put down at an alarming rate.

Too bad Winograd did not investigate the way he did with King County…

The blog this story is from is mine, this is the second dog they killed this week that had a home or rescue available, the Ellis family spent money on the dogs vet treatment, they filed a police report & the responding officer TOOK the dog & said it HAD to be held at the shelter. Let me tell you about the first dog they murdered, last week: She was an abandoned pregnant dog who was being protective of a trailer she dug under, EAS picked her up & left her 2 two week old pups out there to die, but they didn’t get off their butts until they found out a rescuer was on their way out there to get her & save the puppies. If you look at my blog you will see MANY instances of this & NO ONE does anything about it, I used to rescue pit bulls from there & started complaining because they were all coming out injured & maced or both, some of them even had broken bones, for that they took my animals, & slaughtered one of them. I’ve never even heard of this Lillie person, the manager who decides to kill them is Shannon Delgado, she now kills ALL bully breeds including mastiffs, staffies, & anything she perceives to be a bully mix. This has been going on for over 6 yrs, I have been fighting them alone. This is only 1 story out of HUNDREDS I know about personally. Thank God that KOMO had the nerve to finally report it. Cancer is always their reason, The Ellis offered to pay for any & all medical treatment the dog might need, they made it crystal clear after the investigation that they would take the dog no matter what the condition. I would like ANY ONE who has had trouble with Everett AC or the Everett shelter to contact me, I am in process of filing a Federal Lawsuit since I can’t get any one in the city to do anything about them & every time I try to figure out who to contact they change the person.
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3 thoughts on “KUDO’S to KOMO for Finally Telling the TRUTH about Everett Animal Shelter!!!

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    finallyhomerescue 41p · 10 minutes ago
    Tracy can you please tell us why Steffani Lilly who is the program manager for Everett Transit is acting as the city or shelter spokesman when the city Spokesperson is Kate Reardon? I have been told that Deborah Wright is the shelter spokesman, then it was Carlton Gipson (city counsel) but when I confronted him he said it was his brother, then I see your story with the Lillie woman. Why isn’t the shelter manager allowed to speak except for her canned answers here? She made the decision to kill the dog, & I see from your paperwork that the City Vet Lisa Thompson signed the death warrant… Maybe you can also ask her why she killed the little pit bull that was abandoned in the woods who had 6 rescues asking for him, or why she had the mother dog who was abandoned in Granite Falls picked up but left her 2 two week old puppies under the trailer to die. I have records from & witnesses to over 15 dogs I received from there with injuries or that were so maced that even several weeks of baths didn’t get the mace off of them, one was so bad that he became aggressive because of it & had to be put down. I have the paperwork, I got so paranoid after the first few dogs that I had someone who is VERY well respected in the community meet me at the park before the shelter to take pictures & confirm the dogs conditions, he actually adopted 2 of those dogs, one with a broken foot. Can you please tell me who anyone could call to investigate them as far as a state agency? I can’t figure it out, otherwise I would’ve sent someone in there in 2009 :~(

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  2. Geez! On the same day the KOMO story came out Everett Animal Shelter was begging for food, but they have around 90K in their 501(c)3 in assets… So they want the taxpayers to pay taxes & ALSO pay for food? They won’t buy any if they don’t have to??? WTF??? Oh that is on top of the donation given to Everett Animal Rescue foundation which is the name of their 501.

    “On average we get donated food from the public throughout the year, however when we are low are have a specialty we need, we always ask the public before spending tax dollars!”

Please don’t forget my dogs & my cat: They are the one’s who are helpless & in the hands of these monsters

On January,6th Everett AC Officer showed up with a warrant to take my dogs at 10a.m. they arrived at the shelter at 4:45p.m. by the time they got there:

Hoki my 8 yr old Kelpie was having seizures.

Soffie my 12 yr old Schnauzer  was bloody, missing teeth, & hypothermic. She was soaking wet by the time she got to the shelter & then in August she was either hit by a cat or attacked by another dog

George my 14 yr old Eskimo who was terminally ill dog could no longer walk & was bleeding from his rectum. They slaughtered him 5 days later, played in his intestines, cut out all of his internal organs & put sticky notes all over them. In direct violation of my Native beliefs, the whereabouts of his remains are still unknown

They have given 2 of my dogs medications that are known to kill those breeds of dogs,they have put the 14 yr old Pom mix into extreme pancreatitus

They are over-medicating my boy with seizures.

I have no idea what ever became of my cat, since the last time he was recorded on their books was 1/20/2011.

All of this because I used to pull pit bulls from this shelters & complained because they were all coming out injured, maced, or both, & because evidently Officer Lori Trask has some issue with my weight & ethnicity

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Inbreeding strikes again & Everett AC gets to kill another dog & let her puppies die too.

















(I see Officer Trask has already seen the story & went crying to the Everett Animal Control… Pathetic. Instead of just snooping around on my page all day why don’t you all do some good, in this world & sign the dog over to the other 4 rescues that were trying to save the dog themselves, instead of murdering her for doing what she is supposed to & protecting her puppies. I understand that you all quit letting EVERYONE from my witness list pull dogs so you could kill them & “get back at me” but none of these other rescues have ANYTHING to do with me. Do you get that much pleasure out of killing innocent creatures. I hope you all go to a special kind of hell, seriously)

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One thought on “Inbreeding strikes again & Everett AC gets to kill another dog & let her puppies die too.

This is only 1 poor little soul, one dog that someone has thrown away like trash, a scared little momma doing the best she could, so last night I prayed for her & her puppies, but I know her fate. It can’t be changed as long as these cruel vindictive pieces of shit are in control of helpless precious innocent animals. This is only the story of 1 momma & 2 little babies, 2 weeks old, they didn’t even get to open their eyes yet. The real story is the thousands of animals they kill NEEDLESSLY every year, the animals they abuse at will, the maced, bruised & broken dogs, that I have witnessed myself. I live with this every day, these poor babies haunt my nightmares, for the past 8 yrs there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about them. This shelter won’t work with rescues & even though ONLY pit bulls are listed as the one’s to be killed, they kill Staffies, American Bullies, mastiffs, anything they perceive to be a terrier, LOOK AT THE PIX OF THE DOGS I RESCUED!!!! THEY ARE ALL OF THE ABOVE, not just pit bulls


Everett Animal Control Murders YET ANOTHER dog… RIP BLaze you were loved.

What is wrong with the people in Everett? What is this sick blood lust this bitch Shannon Delgado has? Did Lisa Thompson just want to do another “Necropsy” Do they get off on the pain, the fear, & the death of INNOCENT creatures? What kind of sick people do the citizens of Everett Wa have in their midst? Is this the way everyone in Everett is?
They will have killed the momma dog & probably let her 2 week old tiny blind puppies starve to death, they killed this dog who had a home with people who loved him.
CORRECTION: I have been advised that once a criminal investigation has been instigated that the animal must be in the custody of animal control BUT it clearly says in Everett Municipal Code 6.04 that the SHELTER MANAGER has SUPREME discretion in where the animal is housed so Blaze could’ve been returned to the Ellis’s pending the investigation
OH & BTW the cop LIED to these people, they had every right to hold the dog, but since they wanted to get an animals cruelty conviction they had to kill the dog to make the case look good.

Dog Murdered by Snohomish Sheriff’s Office and Snohomish county {in Everett} Animal Shelter!

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were looking for some property up in the Sultan area. While looking, we found a small dog that was dragging it’s rear legs trying to get to a mud puddle to get some water. This poor little dog had been abused, starved and was extremely dehydrated.

We found him on the front porch of the house we were looking at. There was no one home so we took the little dog home with us to Everett where we fed and watered him and gave him a bath.

He was covered with sores and most of his hair was missing on his belly and his back and he was so thin that his little hip bones were sticking directly up off of his body.

The next day we took him to our vet (Broadway Animal Hospital). Our vet confirmed that this little guy was in dire straights and if we hadn’t rescued him when we did, he would have died in the next day or two.

We could tell right away that even though this little dog was in bad shape, he would be a loving and caring pet.

This little Finnish Spitz, Blaze was chipped and when we got the information on the owner, we found out that the this poor little thing belonged to the owner of the house where we had found him.

We called the Snohomish Sheriff’s Office to make out a report for animal abuse, and they sent out Officer Angela Davis.

We made out the report and told Officer Davis that we had spent over $250.00 at the vets office having Blaze seen and tested. We also told her that if the man that owned Blaze was prosecuted, we would testify as to what we knew.

We also told Officer Davis that we would keep Blaze until the legal question was settled and if the owner did not want the Blaze or the Sheriff’s Dept. took Blaze away from him, that we would adopt him.

Officer Davis told us she would file the case, and she would let us know if there was any change in the case and we would be first in line to adopt little Blaze. She told us she had to take Blaze with her as it was the law, so we believed and trusted her to take good care of Blaze as she said she would.

A couple of days later, we went to the Snohomish Animal Shelter to see how Blaze was doing. We were told that he was doing fine and taking the medicine we got from the vet. We were also told that we could not see him, so we left a note for the shelter supervisor, Shannon Delgado who called us back the next day. We told her the story and that we wanted to adopt Blaze whether the owner was charged or not.

She promised that she would keep us informed and would make sure that Blaze was safe and would take his medicine. She also assured us that she would call us if there was any change in Blaze’s case and we would be able to adopt Blaze if he became available.

To make a long story short, not only did they not prosecute the owner who abused his own dog, the shelter killed little Blaze.

They put him to sleep. They put him down. They murdered a great little dog named Blaze.

Officer Davis and Shannon Delgado, the shelter manager lied to us.

So this is what they do to helpless abused dogs?

Is this standard operating procedure for dogs that have someone waiting to adopt?

There was nothing wrong with Blaze that some time and a loving family could not have fixed and we were willing to take him in and be that family.

My wife and I are really upset about this, and I think you should be too.

We ask you to call the Everett Herald, the Seattle Times and King 5 News and ask for an investigation; we have.

Get our Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office witness report. Read it for yourself.

If you wish, call me and I will give you a copy.

Randy Ellis Everett 425 232 XXXX

Thank you for your time and effort .

  • Location: Everett
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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