If you have had Animal Control has shown up at your door:

1) First call an attorney before you say one single word to them

2) Second call your vet, & get your animals in there OR get your vet to the shelter IMMEDIATELY if they have taken them.

3) Third Read my Final Motion for Dismissal so you will know the tactics that you will be facing, the violations of your Federal & Civil Rights that are about to happen to you.

4) Immediately file a Motion to make sure that the Animal Control authorities can not euthanize your animals if they have been taken from you. If your animals are immediately murdered you will have no defense, & you will lose your precious pet.

5) If they claim to want to "see" your animals meet them at your vet's office, so that the vet can be a witness to the condition of your animals & so that they are less likely to be able to build a sham case against you. ALWAYS remember they need a warrant to come inside of your house, if they try to say things like "If you didn't have anything to hide you would let us come in" Just tell them: This is America we have the constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches & seizures. If you are comfortable with letting them in your home MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WITNESSES THERE AT THE TIME.

If animal Control has taken your animals


2) Make sure to get a copy of the warrant with the Affidavit of Probable cause attached to it.

3) DO NOT SAY ANYTHING, even though you have not been arrested anything you say will be twisted & used against you

4) Get a hold of your vet & send them directly into the shelter & if the shelter won't allow the vet to examine them get an emergency injunction to MAKE them allow the vet in there.

5) Gather all of your vet records, and all documentation concerning your animals

6) Even if you can not afford an attorney go to your local office of public defense & do a screening & let them know what happened so they can do some damage control & they will be better able to represent you at trial. Most public defenders get a client AFTER the damage has been done & do the best they can with what they have, make it easier for both of you.

7) Gather as many of your friends & family as you can & get statements from everyone about how you care for your animals, even those around you: The mailman, your delivery people, neighbors (but keep in mind it might have been one of your neighbors who called)

8) Get out your digital camera & take pictures of everything they are doing, video would be helpful if you have it as well.

9) READ YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL CONTROL LAWS!!! Some have provisions for returning the animals, but you must know if you are being charged with a state or a local law, they will pick whichever one gets them a conviction.

10) If the media shows up... Shut your mouth & your door. Post no trespassing signs at your property line or door. Everything you say will be used against you in the "Court of Public Opinion" I got pissy with our local reporters who wouldn't cover my story & they told me outright that if they did I would definitely lose, in my research to date I have found out this is very true.


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